Saturday, 4 September 2010

Cryonics UK

CRYONICS UK is a  bullshit non-profit self help group "organisation" set in place to provide assistance as necessary to those within the UK who wish for their body to be cryopreserved upon death. They basically pump you full of antifreeze and pack you in dry ice beofore flying you off to your " cryonics service provider" in the states. They charge from £15 a month to join their gay little club and thankfully to the best of our knowledge they havent desecarted any corpse yet and are 100% inexperienced enthusiasts run by a charasmatic "organiser".

    A ticket to wasting around  £20 a month more like...

Its charitable status is rather dubious as it is basically a self help group run as a non-for-profit company. Non-for-profit companies are not obliged to publish their profits or earnings so it would be hard to find out what they really do with your money unless Graham Hipkiss keep his promise. One thing we do know is that potentially considerable % of  membership money is being invested in the salarys of the organisers and for promotional purposes. Organiser David Styles is often jetting about Europe and the USA promoting this self help group as a abulance service for the dead. Buyers Beware!
The Charity they list on the Cryonics-UK website is called:
Human Organ Preservation Research Trust or HOPRT however there is no home-page or any real information on the internet about this very important sounding charity to be found anywhere? The reason we suspect is that this "charity" is just a bank account used by this "self-help" group to launder membership fees and distrubute money among the directors and for equipment which may look like it works to the layperson.

More skeptical Inormation about Cryonics UK can also be found on The Gaurdians Website who visited the company with Mike Darwin (US Cryonicist):
He was not impressed with what he found and we quote here: "If I had that kit here, I'd be scared shitless. Shitless. There are some critical things wrong with the setup of that circuit." He tells the team they have made so many mistakes the patient would have suffered irreversible brain damage by now. Darwin suggests technology has regressed since he was in his cryonic prime 20 years ago.

David Styles is the current organiser of Cryonics UK. David’s original academic background is in linguistics,but he is now (apparently) pursuing further degree studies in mathematics. None of his professional qualifications are in biology or even cryogenics (engineering at cold tempretures). On His blog he claims to be a "UK-based life-extensionist, immortalist, cryonicist and Transhumanist". He is very active in PR for Cryonics UK and is often jetting around world promoting this company to the transhumanist/cryonics community he has even been on UK Daytime Television. His mantra. "We're living on a planet with six billion suicidal maniacs."
David Has a facebook page here: David Styles and his blog is here: feel free to keep an eye on him as we are!

NEW Imaginary video of interview with David Styles made by Jill.

Also Our Rather Lurid Webpage exposing the scams

And of course Cryonics UK where you can see for yourself

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